Learning at Work: 13th – 17th May 2024

13 – 17 May 2024

Preston Campus

This May, during Learning at Work week (13-17 May), UCLan UNISON has teamed up with professional services colleagues and UCLan lecturers to give you the opportunity to find out more about your workplace, learn something new, have some fun and develop some new skills in the process.

Register and book your place

All events are FREE and open to all UCLan colleagues including UNISON members and non- members. Each event will last for approximately 50 minutes.

Register and book your place

Upon receiving your form, we will offer you a place on your chosen events on a first come first served basis and you will receive a follow up calendar invite.

If you have any questions, please contact your Branch’s Lifelong Learning Co-ordinators Sofia Anysiadou and Lisa Simpson

Diary of events

Monday 13 May

  • 12pm – Behind the Tape: Unveiling UCLan’s Cutting-Edge Crime Scene Investigation Training. In person event, Preston Campus.
    Find out how UCLan students are trained in the latest Crime Scene Investigation techniques with UCLan senior lecturer Paul Callaghan who will guide you round the University’s crime scene flats.
  • 1pm – What’s in a Cup of Tea? In person event, Preston Campus.
    Tea is a cup of humanity for all to enjoy. If there is a universal language among humankind to communicate, tea would be it. This event will take you on tea’s journey from East to West, with senior lecturer Sunny Liu and Wei Yang inviting you to taste a selection of teas and discover their benefits.

Tuesday 14 May

  • 12pm – First aid with UCLan Paramedics. In person event, Preston Campus.
    Join Paramedic and UCLan Senior Lecturer Lizi Hickson to learn about the important work of paramedics. The session will include advice on what you should do in an emergency, and you will learn some basic first aid skills.
  • 1pm – Campus Walk. In person event, Preston Campus.
    Enjoy a relaxing walk around Preston Campus with Campus Appearance Manager Dave Genther. Dave will guide you round the main features of the University gardens designed to create habitats for birds, bees and other wildlife.

Wednesday 15 May

  • 12pm – Unlocking Development Portal Opportunities. Hybrid event.
    Come along to discover development opportunities available to colleagues within UCLan. This session will contain a live look through the Development Portal with a colleague from the People Development Team. As well as opportunities to ask questions throughout the demonstration.
  • 1pm – BSL Taster. In person event, Preston Campus.
    Find out more about the Deaf community in the Northwest and learn some useful BSL greetings with Senior Lecturer in Deaf Studies Junhui Yang.

Thursday 16 May

  • 1pm – Holiday Italian. In person event, Preston Campus.
    Explore the vibrant Italian culture as you learn to greet locals, order your favourite coffee and gelato, and master essential hand gestures for an authentic Italian experience. Join lecturer Danila Datti on a journey of learning and fun!